Lynne the Laundry Lady’s stain fighting tips for the 4th of July.

Picnic Food

Independence Day in America. For many of us the 4th of July will be filled with food, family and great fun. 4th of July stains are also a big part of the Holiday.  That’s why Lynne is giving you great stain fighting tips to keep  your laundry in great shape.

Barbacue Sauce:

Because barbacue sauce tends to be oily, we recommend pre-treating the stain with a stain remover. Then rub with a heavy-duty liquid detergent or a paste made of powdered detergent and water. Scrub stain lightly and rinse in hot water. Wash in hot water and detergent along with an all-fabric bleach.


Let garment dry completely with stain. Remove the excess mustard by scraping off with a knife. Do not rub the garment. Treat the stain by soaking with liquid laundry detergent and then rinse. Wash in cool water. Do not dry the garment if the stain remains. Repeat the steps above until stain is removed.


Wash the garment using detergent in the hottest water. Pay attention to fabric recommendations for water temperature. Treat stains on white garments with bleach. Use color-safe bleach for colored fabrics.

Baked Beans:

Remove excess beans from garment. Turn garment inside out and run cold water on back of stain or garment. Apply liquid detergent to stain and rub gently. Repeat until stain no longer appears. Wash in detergent.

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